Tenant Find & Reference Service For England

£49 Tenant Find Service

  • Landlords pay £49 plus vat for a Tenant Find Service / Rightmove advertising then once a suitable tenant has been found Landlord Direct at no extra cost to you will carry out an employers reference & credit check on your prospective tenant and then supply the landlord with our easy to use auto send tenancy agreement and forms, absolutely free of any charge to you the landlord.

    We recover our costs by charging your tenant a small reference fee of £49 plus vat. We think this is a fair split of the costs between landlords and tenants, after all the tenant should expect to pay for a reference and credit check to be made by landlords especially in today's economic climate, landlords need to check a tenants financial position carefully.

    Please Note - we are not able to offer an 'advertise only service' the tenant reference forms part of our service.


  • Marketing Your Property £49 plus vat on Rightmove

    Your property will be advertised on the U.K.'S top ranked property website. Up to a 3 month limit if required. (average letting period is 6 weeks) If your property has not let after 3 months, Landlord Direct at their discretion will advertise your property for one further month at no extra cost after carrying out a rent valuation assessment & discussing this with the landlord.

    All Potential tenants are sent full property details of your property.
    In addition we can take professional photos of your property and provide floor plans to help promote your property request a quotation.
    We assess potential tenants and if suitable, then we set up viewing appointments with potential tenants & the landlord.

    Cost £49 plus vat.
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  • FREE to Landlords

    Your New Tenants Can Book Your Property Online.

    We negotiate letting terms with suitable prospective tenants and report to the landlord. Once agreement is reached we carry out a full reference service, credit checks, employer reference and past landlords if applicable.

    Prospective tenants can complete their details online, at any time, anywhere, whilst at work or at home in the evening, at their convenience. This greatly speeds up their application to let your property, and means your prospective tenants don't need to take time off work...find a parking space...find an agents office. Not surprisingly tenants like this level of service, and this helps them choose your property over the competition, knowing the the tenancy will be professionally dealt with.

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A Full Tenant Credit Check & Employers Reference

  • Landlord Direct will take your tenants details received online and quickly carry out a check on the credit and financial history of the applicant:

    • We check credit history - 15 minute turn around!
    • We check past residency history for past 3 years
    • We contact employers to obtain a reference
    • We contact past landlord for a reference- if applicable
    • We call for Identification documentation - required by law
    • We call for a copy of passports - in line with Immigration Bill guidelines

    Our Tenant Reference Service, is accepted by all major Rent Guarantee Insurers.
    We make a charge to your tenant for their reference £49 plus vat

    Tenants expect to pay a reference fee if they are letting a good quality property, in return they know the tenancy is being set up professionally and that they are dealing with a credible landlord.

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Sign Up Tenants on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement

  • Landlords are given our easy to use ' auto send ' Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement for their property and landlords stay in control, quickly dispatching their tenancy agreement to the new tenants for their signature. Our tenancy agreements meet all regulatory requirements, including those of the Tenant Deposit Scheme. Our AST Agreements are checked and approved by LANDLORD LAW one of the largest legal specialists in Landlord & Tenant Law, in fact they supply W.H.Smith Law Pack tenancy agreements. www.landlordlaw.co.uk

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Tenant Deposit Scheme Member

  • Landlord Direct will arrange for the agreed tenants deposit, to be placed in the DPS a government approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme. This gives your tenants complete confidence that although they are being dealt with correctly and professionally. Many landlords already have their own deposit scheme account held with the TDS we are happy to use a landlords own deposit scheme account if preferred.

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Set up Rent Payments directly into your chosen bank account

  • We will arrange for your new tenants to set up a Bank Standing Order to pay their rent payments directly into your chosen bank account. You can attach a reference to this standing order so payments show up clearly on your bank statements.

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Free Utility & Council Tax Registration for new tenancies

  • New tenants use our utility service, read the meters and then register themselves quickly online. We will then register the new tenants details with gas / electric / water/ Suppliers and your local authority Council Tax Dept.

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Rental Valuation Report

  • We will carry out a detailed valuation report on your advertised property using up to date Rightmove data. We will be able to see how your property is performing, and give you an accurate rental valuation based on competing properties currently available.

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Highly Professional Property Inventory / Check In / Check Out

  • For landlords with furnished or high value property then a professional inventory is a must do! All residential tenancies are now subject to the TENANCY DEPOSIT SCHEME if a landlord puts in a claim against a tenant's deposit then the landlord will need evidence to back up such a claim. A professional inventory is the answer and an inventory compiled by an independant inventory company rather than one compiled by the landlord strengthens any claims as can be seen as impartial.

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