Winter Lets - Extended Stay Holiday Lets

Ideal for those between house sales, need extended visits or just
looking to spend some time in some of the UK's loveliest locations.

moving houseLonger Flexi Lets & Extended Stay Holiday Lets

Holiday properties are offered at reduced cost for longer winter stays. Most will offer a rental fully inclusive of utility costs, so it is easy for you to just enjoy your stay knowing all costs are covered. Retired couples often like to take extended stays over the winter months, securing high standard properties at discounted rentals.

> Extended holiday lets are between 1 and up to 3 month stays.
> The properties are fully furnished and equipped.
> Utility costs are included (can be cost effective against heating a larger home).
> Extras such as cleaning & laundry can be provided. Email us.

tenancy agreement

Tenancy agreement or holiday let licence agreement

Holiday let agreements are factually only for the purpose of a holiday and we would recommend to a maximum stay of up to 3 months . So if you are looking to take a longer winter holiday stay for less than 3 months, we can offer you our standard holiday let agreement on discounted terms.

If you need a stay for other reasons than a holiday  then we may subject to availability be able to  offer you a Flexi-Let Break Clause Tenancy Agreement to a maximum of 5 months.

It is imperative however that property owners set up a tenancy agreement to fully comply with current letting legislation, Landlord Direct is here to help with the process. 

tenancy agreement

Benefits both landlords and guests

A flexi-let offers cost benefits to both the landlord and guests.

The guests wish to secure a rental for months rather than just a week or two, but do not want to commit to a longer term tenancy, nor does the guest wish to pay the higher cost of a fully serviced holiday let property.

The landlord can achieve a higher rental overall in lower holiday let seasons, inclusive utility charges are capped within our agreements to a fixed fair usage amount.

A tenancy deposit can be taken in the normal way. Email us for more info.



Furnished Holiday Let Status - The Regulations:

The pattern of occupation condition

If the total of all lettings that exceed 31 continuous days is more than 155 days during the year, then your property will not continue to be a Furnished Holiday Let for that year, so we would suggest longer stays of only up to 3 months ( 90 days) thus leaving you a further  leeway of 65 days for your own use & maintenance periods.

The availability condition

Your property must be available for letting as furnished holiday accommodation letting for at least 210 days in the year, ( the creation of a six month tenancy would compromise this regulation)

Don’t count any days when you’re staying in the property. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) don’t consider the property to be available for letting while you’re staying there.

The letting condition

You must let the property commercially as furnished holiday accommodation to the public for at least 105 days in the year.

Don’t count any days when you let the property to friends or relatives at zero or reduced rates as this isn’t a commercial let.

Don’t count longer-term lets of more than 31 days, unless the 31 days is exceeded because something unforeseen happens. For example, if the holidaymaker either:

  • falls ill or has an accident, and can’t leave on time
  • has to extend their holiday due to a delayed flight


Advertise Your Winter Lets

Experienced local short stay and holiday let agent , with flexible and cost effective support services for your property. We understand how to complement your existing short stay business, and we build up excellent working relationships with our clients.





Short 3 night lets are expensive to clean, launder and heat especially in the winter months, October to March. There is a growing number of holiday let properties being offered on monthly ' winter stays'  inclusive of utility costs but not including weekly cleans and laundry, thus allowing for a lower tariff to be offered. Legally your Furnished Holiday Let status is not compromised, and our booking agreements cater for these longer stays, including capped utility costs. 

  • Advertise your winter lets on Rightmove
  • We will check I.D. of potential guests and check they have a main principle home.
  • Take booking on our Holiday Let Agreement
  • Utility Costs capped by our agreement to a 'Fair Usage'
  • Can take breakage deposit  / other surcharges
  • Process payments


 Cost is : £ 250 plus vat of tariff collected based on minimum one month let.

Please note longer  tenancies can also be set up for you, if you wish to accept a longer flexi - let for your property