EPC  Rules & Regulations For Landlords

Energy Performance Certificates For Rental Property

New Landlords

It is a legal requirement that property offered for rent must have an Energy Performance Certificate in place. They can be ordered online, they are relatively inexpensive, and once obtained last for 10 years. Order here https://www.epcregister.com/ Remember ask for a PDF Document to be emailed to you.

Existing Landlords

It is now a legal requirement for landlords to obtain and display an E.P.C. on their rental property advertising. By law you must now display the whole front page of the EPC document on your property adverts and written property details. Landlords must obtain a copy of their E.P.C.'s in a file format that can be uploaded to internet adverts, called a PDF File. Your EPC is already held on a National Register. To get a free  PDF copy of your EPC click on link below:

To retrieve a Free Copy of your Energy Performance Certificate

Visit the EPC Register website and enter your property's post code.

What are the current EPC regulations 2023 - 2024 ?

All rental properties in Great Britain are required to have an EPC. All properties currently sold or let in England and Wales are required to have a minimum EPC rating of ‘E’ or above. This applies to all new and existing tenancies, unless in an exempt category.

What are the proposed EPC regulations - 2028 ?

The UK Government has proposed changes to the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards for England and Wales – all rental properties will need an EPC rating of ‘C’ or above by 2028 for new tenancies  and every existing tenancy. Non compliance could lead to financial penalties.

Plan of action for landlords needing to improve the energy performance of their rental property.

Order an up-to-date EPC report, which will include suggested recommendations to bring the property up to a 'C' rating.

In England and Wales, landlords are required to spend up to £3,500 on the recommended improvements suggested on the EPC report.  If the recommended improvements exceed £3,500, you can apply for high-cost exemption via the PRS Exemptions Register. You can use a combination of third party funding and self-funding to achieve these energy efficient upgrades.

There are various ways to check if your property could benefit from energy saving improvements:



Exemptions to improvements

Some properties can be exempt from the minimum energy efficiency standards. These exemptions can be due to affordability, mortgage lender consent refusal, or structural issues.

If a property meets the criteria for any exemptions, landlords will need to register it on the PRS Exemptions Register. An exemption lasts for five years.