Landlord Insurance

As part of one of the largest insurance broker groups in the U.K. we can secure excellent premium rates for landlord buildings insurance.We provide our insured landlord clients with a proper level of cover at very competitive rates. We protect your building assets as well as protection against Property Owner Liability & Employers Liability Claim.

we can compare and secure the best deals from a wide range of policies to suit all your needs from a residential to commercial properties and cover all types of tenancy, holiday / short stay lets and insurance for unoccupied property.


We have a full range of Landlord products


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Landlord and Buildings Insurance.

Protecting your property assets As a commercial or private landlord you're likely to have made a significant property investment, which it makes sense to fully protect. We will advise you on the best type of policy to safeguard not only the buildings themselves, but also to cover intangible risks such as public liability, litigation and terrorism*. Coversure can offer you a wide range of policies to cover buildings and landlord's contents (such as furniture in communal areas) for both commercial and residential premises as well as protecting you against loss of rent income. We can also source cover for most types of tenant, including higher-risk categories.

Property types that we cover include:

We can quote for the following tenant types:

We cover as standard:

At the same time, why not ask us to quote to insure your own home?

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Rent Guarantee Cover

The Landlord Direct tenant reference service goes a long way to securing good tenants but personal circumstances can unfortunately sometimes change, a tenant may loose their job, become ill or divorced and find they are no longer able to pay the rent. Recovering rent arrears and getting possession of your property back can be a costly and time consuming business, and this is where the Coversure Rent Guarantee Policy can give landlords real peace of mind for as little as as £70.00 for 6 months and £110.00 for 12 months.

Key features and benefits of Rent Guarantee Insurance:

Terms and conditions apply please contact us for full details.

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Emergency Repair Cover

An ideal cover for self-manage landlords , you have advertised and set up a new tenancy via Landlord Direct now put some emergency repair cover in place for heating, plumbing and electrical problems that may occur.

This cover gives landlords their own out of hours call out for emergency repairs 24 hours, 7 days a week. The policy covers landlords for up to £1,000 including VAT for emergency situations within their rental property.

Cover Includes:

Policy Benefits Include

Terms and conditions apply please contact us for full details.

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Kitchen Appliance Cover

Tenants can be very demanding these days especially if kitchen appliance fail or need repair. Self manage landlords can now get their appliances insured , this multi-appliance policy that covers most repair or replacement costs for domestic appliances that suffer breakdown as a result of sudden mechanical or electrical failure.

What type of appliances can I cover and how many?

You can cover the following domestic appliances: Dishwasher, Free Standing Cooker, Freezer, Fridge / Freezer , Hob, Oven, Microwave Oven, Refrigerator, Tumble Dryer, Washer/Dryer, Washing Machine.

The policy can cover a maximum number of 3 or 5 items depending upon the cover option you select provided you specify what they are, how much they cost and when you bought them at the time you take out the policy.

To benefit from the cover, all items to be insured should no longer be within the manufacturer guarantee period and be less than 8 years old. In addition the insured items must have been bought in the UK, be owned by you and installed in a property that you own.

What is the difference between Cover Level options?

There is no difference in the risks covered whichever option you select. The differences are in the number and type of products you can insure and in the maximum amount that you can claim during the period of insurance as follows:

Cover Level A

You can only insure domestic appliances (up to 3 items in all) and the maximum you can claim is limited to £1,000 during the period of insurance.

Cover Level B

You can insure domestic appliances up to a maximum of 5 in all. The maximum you can claim in any one period of insurance is limited to £ 1,500.

What does the policy cover me for?

The policy is designed to pay for repair costs following abrupt mechanical or electrical failure which prevents the item operating normally and necessitates repair to restore normal operation. If in our opinion the item is beyond economic repair we will, at our discretion, replace it with one of identical or similar specification provided the cost of replacement does not exceed the price paid for the original item.

If the item to be replaced is more than four years old a deduction for depreciation in accordance with the age related scale set out in the policy will apply to your claim.

Terms and conditions apply please contact us for full details.

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High Insurance Excess – Leasehold Flats

Cover is provided for the Excess that you are responsible for following the successful settlement of any claim under Your Landlords Insurance Policy relating to liability, building or subsidence. Cover will only operate when the Excess of your Landlords Insurance Policy is exceeded and following the successful claim payment. With XS Protect you will no longer have to worry about being out of pocket for the excess. Once the claim is settled by your insurance company, XS Protect will refund your excess.

What is XS Protect?

When you make a claim on an insurance policy, you will normally have to pay some of the costs yourself. This is called the policy excess. If you need to make a claim on an insurance policy. XS insurance will ensure your excess is paid back to you up to a pre-agreed limit.

Flat in a Block of flats

Quite often you will already have buildings insurance supplied by your management company, however these tend to come with high excesses in the event of a claim, you can protect yourself from that by having an excess protect policy with cover up to £1000.

Excess Limit
Single Property
£250 / £500 / £1000
2-3 Dwellings
4-8 Dwellings